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About Us

Put Mullins’ experience to work for you!

When you choose a provider for your doors and architectural hardware, you’re deciding on more than just a source of materials. You’re selecting a partner, an advisor, and a troubleshooter. That’s why Mullins is a solid choice for your project.

Solid experience and training

For over 50 years, Charles Mullins, his family, and his associates have been providing products for projects of all sizes.

Our staff includes a Distinguished Architectural Hardware Consultant (DAHC); several others who have earned the Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) designation, and one Certified Door Consultant.

We know the industry inside-out and can help you with everything from major product decisions to small details. This experience works for you in all stages of the project. We can help you find exactly the right product for a specific application, get it to the site at just the right time, and ensure that you have the right ancillary products, from frames to pivots.